We were created as a nation with the freedom to praise . . . a freedom of religion.  This past Sunday was the anniversary of a day of challenge for our freedoms . . .September 11, 2001.  For many people - over 3,000 - Sunday was a day of remembering those lost  . . . for some losses have occurred since September 11, 2001.  

I do not take for granted my freedom to praise . . . for my family, since before we were a nation, has participated in insuring that I have this freedom.  

Nor do I take for granted my right - as a woman - to vote.  This is a freedom that was hard fought for and I gain the benefit without having to fight the fight.  

However, in each of these situations and in many more situations I can lose my right - my right to praise freely, to vote as I choose, to go to the Church of my choosing, to drive from my house to the store.  Some of these seem so ordinary.  Yet in many countries they are not ordinary, they are not even allowed.  I can lose my rights if I don't exercise them -- the right to vote -- and if I take them for granted.  

So I honor those who helped me get and keep these rights.  I pledge myself to making sure that those who come after me get to keep these rights.  

I also praise my God and thank Him for each of the "rights" that I have - as a free American and most of all as a child of God's Kingdom.