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Today’s blog is written in response to The Ultimate Blog Bash of 2011.  I hope I can get this connected up as well.  This is my first “public” post.

“Freedom to Praise” was chosen as a title for my blog because I want to be “free to praise.”  We are so fortunate in our country to have the freedom to meet in public and worship.  As Christians we are so fortunate to be able to “freely praise” God in the midst of – pain, loneliness, disappointment, illness, loss, etc.  I want to practice my freedom and sometimes it is seriously difficult.  Consequently I chose “Freedom to Praise” so that I would praise freely, in worship, with gratitude, with heartfelt praise.  Sometimes I refer to the physical freedom that I have to worship and sometimes the heart freedom.

I enjoy writing.  However, I seriously did not feel qualified to write a blog.  I have been encouraged by some of you ladies who write incredible blogs.  Your blogs speak to my heart and give me courage.  Yet, a number of you have written about how difficult it is for you to write, feeling as though you have nothing to offer.  I pray that my blogging will give someone else encouragement as you have done for me.  Thank you.

The accompanying image is only one of several places that I go to write.  We live in southwest Georgia on a large lake.  I sometimes sit on the dock, sometimes in a swing in the front yard, sometimes on the back or front porch, and then sometimes I am at my desk in our bedroom – where the doors open to our back porch and the Great outdoors.  I also spend my quiet time at one of these places, depending on the weather.

I have been married to for 35 years to my best friend.  It is good we are best friends because we are retired and almost together 24 hours a day seven days a week (our closest town is about 30 miles from us).  We have two daughters.  One of our daughters is a single mom to our four year old grandson.  We do not have any pets personally but we do keep our youngest daughter’s dog when our daughter travels – which is quite a bit.


Just finished reading From Worthless to Worthy by Julie Morris. 


I am learning to accept Jesus’ living water, His giver of life.   Mrs. Morris said that someone told her “don’t push the river.”  I can see how I push the river – try to decide where Jesus’ living water is going to take me.  If it isn’t taking me where I want to go then I try to realign it. 


In the “old days”, ranchers would build dams, dynamiting or cutting trees, to realign the streams and small creeks to make the water go where they wanted it to.  I can see how I do the same, putting up road blocks where Christ is sending me when I don’t want to go where He sends me.  He wants me to go speak in “wherever”.  I say I can’t – no money for gas, can’t trust the truck to get me to there.   He wants me to teach Sunday School .  I am not learned enough.  I don’t have time enough. 


Comes to my mind that I am also afraid to get “on the river”, get in the boat and see where it takes me. 


Can I just trust that Jesus’ living water is the water that will give me life – drink, drink freely, go, go freely, He is enough and His plan is for my best. 


Don’t just sit by the river – get in, let it take me where He would have me go. 

I have seen God . . . in

The love of my husband 
The gift of our daughters 
The birth of our grandson
The life giving rain falling to quench the thirst of the earth 
The beauty of the sunrise 
The bloom of the red dogwood tree
The wind in the pines
The call of the Eagle 
The colors of autumn
Songs of praise
Prayers of children