Freedom to Praise means that I also have freedom to not praise.  Such has been the last couple of days.  I have missed by usual Bible study and prayer time.  Well, or have I skipped my usual Bible Study and prayer time. 


I have been busy – but more like I have been busy at the usual time that I like to spend in study and prayer.  I had to make a couple of trips to town and they were for important stuff and it takes several hours to accomplish such.  So these trips were interrupting the time I like to take for study and prayer. 


However, I could have done prayer and study at a later time, at a different time.  Isn’t that one of the things about “freedom” – not being locked in to a time and place. 


I didn’t though.  Since I missed it on my schedule, well, I just “didn’t feel like it”, “it didn’t feel right” at another time.  Now, here it is with a few days missed and I feel lost.  I told my husband earlier that I feel like I am in a “dark” place.  Well, I am in a dark place . . . I have moved away from my Lord. 


I read this morning about considering that Jesus is waiting on us . . . waiting for His time with us.  Well, I let Him down this week.  I didn’t show up, not only at the “usual” time but at a later time either. 


I have “freedom to praise”.  I also have “freedom to not praise”.  I want to praise.  Right now, sit down, thank Him for showing up even when I don’t.   Thanking Him for taking care of my family even when I don’t.  Thanking Him for loving me even when I don’t.  Yes, I am going to exercise my “freedom to praise” right now.