In Psalm 8, it says that God has ordained praise from the lips of children and infants because of His enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.


We talk of thanks giving, at least many of us have looked closely at thanks giving lately. 


Have we (that would be me) ever thought about how when we are praising God it silences those voices in our hearts and our heads that Satan brings about.  I know this to be true but, as in so many truths that I know, today in reading Psalm 8, it truly came to me. 


Yes, thanksgiving reminds me how much God has blessed me and I long to be thankful always.


However, praise . . . now praise is a different matter.  Praise reminds me – God is God, the almighty, all powerful, awesome, God of All creation.  Praise is to an incredible God.


Let me always remember thankfully, yes.


Let me always give praise, YES!