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I am participating in the Picaboo 365 Challenge, trying to take and post a photograph a day.  This week the challenge is transportation and there was also information on using various apertures.  Since I could not get outside I found one of Mitch’s “kotches” from his law enforcement days.  I set my aperture at a close depth of field and took the picture.


As I looked back at the picture I thought about how we look at our lives . . .

We tend to look at what is right before us . . .

Failing to look down the road at what is in our future . . .

As Christians though we have the option of trusting in our Lord for whatever is beyond . . . out there in the “fuzzy” area beyond what we can see clearly.



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Peace is sometimes difficult to find . . .  I have found it so in the recent season. 

This Christmas we lost a cousin . . . isn’t it interesting to use the term “lost”.  Actually we know where she is – she is with her Lord and Savior.  The Light of the World has her safe with Him.

The night of visitation several people commented that they had come to “give comfort” to her family and instead the visitors were comforted by the strength of my cousin’s family, by their strength in their faith. 

For the New Year, I want to recognize the faith that I have – I have faith in God, I know this.  What I want is to walk in the assurance of my faith . . .Image 

Perhaps then I might be able to give comfort to them . . .