A few months ago I tried fasting . . . food fasting . . . in an effort to get closer to my God and clearer in my pursuits.  I found that, for medical reasons, this was not possible.  I was so lost and felt so alone.  This was of extreme importance to me.  I felt like a failure.


Later I read an excellent article by a well know Christian pastor who talked about fasting . . . whether food fasting was the only method.  His comments made me realize that I could somehow “fast” and that there was a bigger focus for fasting than food or eating.


The purpose for fasting . . . to grow closer to Christ . . . really has nothing to do with food unless food is your distraction.  For me this is not the case . . .


As we approach Easter, during this season of Lent, what is it that you need to do in order to be more focused . . .


More than “holding a fast” as in the usual way of not eating, I want to spend my time between now and Easter thinking and studying and focusing on my Lord . . . on Christ . . . on the Savior who went to the cross for my salvation.   What will that include . . . I am not yet sure – focused Bible study is one way.  Another is reading others ideas and thoughts on this season. 


Lent . . . preparation for Easter . . . focus my heart, Lord.