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My Mom said, years ago, that if any of us children were to leave home and move away she hoped it would be me.  This may sound a bit odd, but her reasoning was that I would be the one most likely to keep in contact with her.  I loved to write letters and she loved to get them from me.


Years later, I am the one that stayed closest to home.  But, I still love to write letters. 


I love sending cards and when the offer came up to get some cards from DaySpring and share them with others, I could not wait for the chance to participate.


I am a card sender.  I send cards for the usual . . . new babies, graduation from high school, college, or even kindergarten, sympathy for losses, etc.  I also send cards for the “no reason” but that I felt the need to send one to a friend. 


Many is the time that a friend has said later, “That card came just on the day that I needed it.”  The days they are talking about are basically ordinary days . . . but they are the days which we all have when the world just seems to be too much for us to handle at that give moment in time. 


I try to never ignore the impression in my spirit that I need to send a card.  Many is the time that I believe God has put that message in my heart to help a friend’s heart. 


For this reason the opportunity to receive and share words of encouragement in the form of beautiful, thoughtful cards was just perfect for me.


So, the folks at DaySpring asked me to share who I would send cards to . . .


            a friend whose son has left home . . . rebelling against his parents (I have lived through similar experience)


            a friend who has diligently worked teaching children in our church, she tends to send cards out as well, thanking her for her service


            our Choir Director . . . she works full time and leads our worship service


            a couple who are friends who are struggling with business decisions and personal decisions regarding an elderly parent . . . their plate is overflowing right now


            a friend who just sounds like she needs a “word”  . . . a hug in the form of a card letting her know that she is thought of and prayed for


Who would you send a card to . . . for no reason other than – we are all here on this place to encourage each other – they are like letters from home – from one heart to another.



Is everyday really like every other day?

The sun comes up in the east – yet it moves, sometimes the most minute movement but none the less it moves from north to south and then back again.

We think there is sameness.

But there isn’t. . . we are not the same as we were yesterday.  Every day we are different regardless of how different yesterday was or wasn’t as compared to the day before.

Each day we learn something – whether we realize it or not.  We learn to hide a new hurt, we learn to deal with a new pain, we learn to live through fear, we learn to enjoy a cup of hot tea, we learn to enjoy the little moments of life in a new way.  We look at our children, grandchildren, and even our spouse . . . they too are different every day.

Life is to be lived in the moment . . . for the moment is all that we have.