Worked on a quilt today – first time in quite a while that I have worked on a quilt.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of knitting.  I have a couple of quilt tops that need quilting and I have a quilt top that needs making . . . so that is what I worked on today.

As I sit at my front window, where my sewing machine is located, I look out and see the trees bowing before the wind.  I sit here quite comfortable in my snug house . . . no need yet for the heater but I do have one if it gets cold.  I just go adjust the thermostat and on comes the heater.  This is something of a marvel as I sit quilting and thinking about quilts.

I do not make my own clothes or those of my family, so my quilts are not made out of scraps or repurposed garments.  Unlike my Grandma and my great Aunts, I do not have a need of quilts for protection from the cold.

As for the scraps or repurposed garments, they are not included but each and every color and piece of material is selected for that person and/or those persons.  I want these quilts to be used and enjoyed, not just put away as a “nice” gift . . . but a gift of purpose and comfort.

As I was sitting thinking of these things and of my Grandma, I realized that I do make my quilts for warmth.  As I make a quilt I think of the loved ones for whom I am making the quilt.  I pray that God will bless these people that I love.  The warmth that I want these quilts to provide is the warmth of knowing that the person using the quilt is well loved.  Loved at great price by Christ my Savior and loved at small price by me with the work and prayers that I put into the quilts.

I also think of the connection that I have with those ancestors who performed this same “work” of necessity or entertainment.  I receive warmth from these thoughts as well . . . thinking of my Grandma, of my great Aunts, of those who have gone before me.