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In my life, before retirement, I worked in a place where words were all important.  The way they were strung together to form sentences was critical.  An example would be that on occasion the word “must” was replaced with the word “shall.”  Now to most of you that doesn’t seem to be a big deal . . . but in the weight of the law “shall” carries significantly more weight.

So, tonight as I was reading about Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke, in the Word, I was struck by the words that Mary used in response to learning that she would bear a Son, Immanuel.

 Luke 1: 49 For He who is mighty has done great things for me,And holy is His name. (New King James Version)

 I was struck by Mary’s words, “has done great things for me.” 

 How often have you thought, “God, why are you doing this to me?” 

 I know I have had this very thought on more than one occasion.

 Yet, Mary, innocent, child, virgin was told of something to come that would set her aside as an outcast, she said, “for me.” 

 Father, that I would remember that you have done so much “for me” . . . giving me life, giving me salvation through Your Son.  Then you  have put a husband for me in my life, given us daughters and a grandson, given me breast cancer, allowed me to sing for You.

 Lord, you have an ungrateful child here, please, help me to be grateful and filling with thanksgiving for all, FOR ALL You have done for me. 


At one time I was hurt by something my husband did. . . we got over it but I remember him saying, “I’m sorry I made you angry.”  I told him I wasn’t angry, I was hurt. 

Some time back I received a new hurt . . .  A HUGE hurt.  I have found out over the last few years, since it happened that if you hurt long enough it will build into anger.  Because that is what has happened, that hurt has built into a huge anger.

 I really had not noticed this until recently, as we are approaching Christmas, there is a circumstance of unforgiveness happening in our family.  My Dad has not forgiven my brother for . . . something.  I don’t even know what the circumstances are.  However, I got very angry and didn’t know why, after all it wasn’t something I did or even new about.  The anger just seemed to build and build and build. 

 I could not figure this out.  Why was I angry?  This thought just kept coming into my mind over and over again.

 I realized years ago, my Dad offered forgiveness to someone who had done a serious hurt to me, his daughter.  My Dad gave them forgiveness.  I was incredibly hurt by his forgiving them, when I was so very hurt and damaged. 

 I have forgiven the person who hurt me.  Now, it is time to forgive my Dad. 

And to remember . . . hurt and anger are not that far apart. 



Today is voting day for most people in our nation – my husband and I voted early, as we have for a number of years.

 What better day for a new Freedom to Praise blog post.

 There are people my dad talks about, that I never knew, who died for my right to vote.  In addition to insuring for me the right to vote, they insured for me the right to practice my faith in freedom.  These men, who I never knew, also left me a heritage of faith.  They were among the faithful and through their lives they helped insure for me the right to freely practice my faith. 

 Yes, I can practice my faith whether I have this freedom or not, but it certainly makes a difference that I can freely congregate with others and receive support and encouragement from them.  I frequently, as I pray for other countries each day, realize how very blessed I am in this regard. 

 Today it is so very important to exercise your right to vote.  Yes, you and I may not agree on who we are voting for, even so I am just as glad that you have this freedom to choose as I do.  For if you did not have this freedom then neither would I. 

 God bless you and go vote!