In my life, before retirement, I worked in a place where words were all important.  The way they were strung together to form sentences was critical.  An example would be that on occasion the word “must” was replaced with the word “shall.”  Now to most of you that doesn’t seem to be a big deal . . . but in the weight of the law “shall” carries significantly more weight.

So, tonight as I was reading about Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke, in the Word, I was struck by the words that Mary used in response to learning that she would bear a Son, Immanuel.

 Luke 1: 49 For He who is mighty has done great things for me,And holy is His name. (New King James Version)

 I was struck by Mary’s words, “has done great things for me.” 

 How often have you thought, “God, why are you doing this to me?” 

 I know I have had this very thought on more than one occasion.

 Yet, Mary, innocent, child, virgin was told of something to come that would set her aside as an outcast, she said, “for me.” 

 Father, that I would remember that you have done so much “for me” . . . giving me life, giving me salvation through Your Son.  Then you  have put a husband for me in my life, given us daughters and a grandson, given me breast cancer, allowed me to sing for You.

 Lord, you have an ungrateful child here, please, help me to be grateful and filling with thanksgiving for all, FOR ALL You have done for me.