This morning as I began my Bible study and prayer time it seemed as though my little world was conspiring against me . . . as if Christmas is not noisy enough. 

 We have new neighbors, but the house they bought is not finished. Consequently, construction is going on.

 My dear husband has decided that RIGHT NOW he has to finished a project that is not due for over a week.  Normally he would wait until the night before.

 THEN, a neighbor has decided to move their “inside” dog to the outside.  The dog sits and cries, I sit and cry.  It just breaks my heart.

 FINALLY, God told me to go to the lake.  That may sound a bit strange, but we live on a lake and the dock is about the length of a football from our house.  So, I went. 

 It is so peaceful here.  I feel like I have “freedom to praise”.  Now, obviously I have freedom to praise where ever I am.  However, how is your Christmas season?  Is it so noisy that you just don’t feel the freedom in your heart to praise. 

 When I got down here, settled in my favorite chair, looked up at my “bower”, not only did God calm my heart, He calmed the outside noise.

 He may not always calm the outside noise . .  .but if we will turn to Him with focus . . . He will give us the quiet in our hearts to praise Him. 

 Thank You, Lord, not just for peace but for quiet also.