Recently I have been attending Kay Arthur’s Bible Study on Covenant.  It has been fascinating in so many ways.  It has given me new appreciation on the Marriage Covenant, on the marriage ceremony. 


In addition to this new appreciation I have realized what a wonderful husband I have.  He could teach young husbands a lot about commitment and “keeping covenant.” 


Right now I am struggling with vision problems, my eyes are basically falling apart, to put it simply.  I have had three too many doctors telling me “as we age” these things happen.  However, I am afraid of losing my vision.  I know I am trying to trust God, but it is difficult. 


Back to my husband, through thick and thin he has been the kind of husband I would want for anyone.  When we married I had a young daughter already.  He adopted her as his own, and even before the “legalities” he took to her as Daddy.  Then we added another daughter.  They have always been his daughters. 


We have gone through the usual difficulties of the years . . . job changes, houses bought and sold, school difficulties with the oldest, shift work as he was in law enforcement, loss of his Mom (he had already lost his Dad when we married).  He has always been my strongest supporter.  As I went through breast cancer he was right by my side.  Now, as we face this new difficulty, he is right there, beside me in the doctor’s offices, leading me outside when I can’t see because of dilation of my eyes.  He is my strength when I have none.


God is my God, there is no doubt.  And I have been blessed by Him in the man he sent to be my strength here on earth.


Thank you, Lord!  Amen.