Romans 15:17 was the verse I read first thing this morning.  

                I have therefore whereof I may glory through Jesus Christ in those things which pertain to God. (KJV)

 As I wrote out my prayer in response to the verse I thought about Mrs. Diona Smith, my high school logic and rhetoric teacher.  She was a wonderful lady. 

 As I thought of giving glory to Jesus Christ in my service to God, I was thinking of this morning.  I am to lead the worship service this morning.  God has all glory, how can I give glory.  I am serving this morning.  I need to give God my best, I know that.  Am I doing that this morning? 

  This has been a kind of crazy week . . . aren’t they all.  However, this week we celebrated my nine year anniversary of having “no evidence of disease” of cancer.  We had Kenzie, Michelle’s new puppy several days this week.  Then Mitch and I went to celebrate my anniversary, out of town at a favorite restaurant of ours.  At the end of the week, Friday morning at 2:40, our oldest daughter had our new grandson. 

 So, I haven’t practiced the music for this morning.  I have told myself every time I thought of it, “I know this music. I’m good.” Now this morning, as I read my verse, am I giving God my best?  Am I glorifying Him?  Am I truly serving Him?

 In high school, Mrs. Smith gave me my first “B” on a paper I wrote in her class.  I was distressed, never having gotten a “B” in an English class.  Upon my asking her why, she responded by asking me when I wrote the paper.  I said the night before I turned it in.  She answered that is why I got a “B” and others (as I had pointed out) who maybe had not written as well as I had, got an “A”.  They gave their best.  I did not.  Her class was a challenge for me from that point on.  I was blessed to have had her as an instructor.

 I need to remember, God wants my best.  And, I want God to get my best.

 Even though I know the music we are doing next week, I will be practicing.  I will be serving God and trying to give Him my best.