A few mornings ago, I got up in a not good mood.  I was resenting the fact that we were on vacation and due to family with us I could not get up and do what I wanted to do.  When my husband and I take a trip we like to get up and take pictures of the sunrise.  This requires getting up and getting ready early.  Well, we have a new “grand-puppy” that belongs to our daughter.  Given that our daughter came along with us on our trip to take a “vacation”, my husband felt it was his job to get up with the puppy and let our daughter “sleep in”.  This meant no going out for photography for us.  I was very frustrated. 

 Part of that frustration was also the fact that I am having difficulty with my vision (as a result of cancer) and have become afraid to drive in the dark.  So, I couldn’t go by myself – off to take pictures on a mountain I was unfamiliar with in the dark before sunrise. 

So, I chose to be angry and frustrated.  I was not “free to praise” because I let Satan get ahold of me.

 I had so much to be grateful for . . . a trip with my husband, our daughter accompanying us, our new puppy that we share with our daughter (a puppy that is a treat to “dog sit” when our daughter travels), a beautiful sunrise, being able to see and hear (hearing has been another faltering sense lately) and walk around (again some difficulty after cancer).

 I finally took myself outside on the deck of the cabin that we were staying in.  I realized that I still have pretty good vision and that I am able to drive, that I am able to move around.  I realized that I am exceedingly grateful for our daughter going with us on this trip.  I remembered how happy this new puppy was making our daughter, after losing her last dog to cancer two days after Mother’s Day this year.   I realized how lucky I had been to sleep beside my husband the night before. 

 I realized that God woke me up to a beautiful day!

 Sometimes to have “freedom to praise” we just have to STOP and realize how blessed we are.  I almost let myself miss out on that goodness.

 I got up, let my husband know I was going to a safe spot to take photographs.   I went and as I took photographs I praised God for His goodness, for His beautiful creation and I thanked Him for His presence in my life, taking over my life. 

 He is always there, I just have to remember to not let myself get in His way!