Trusting God

Love God

Fear God

Trust God for salvation, don’t trust Him for the rent

I read these ideas today in a novel – not only was it a book (novel) but it was a novel (unusual) idea of a man with a seriously bad past coming to know God and acting as if . . . as if he truly knew God.

I am in the middle of one of the most painful situations I have ever been in, even more so than being diagnosed with breast cancer.  I may lose my grandchildren.  The whys are not important.   The important thing is do I trust God.

I love God – He is my Saviour.  I believe in God – how could I not.  I fear God – respectfully so as to who He is.

Do I trust God?  I trust God to do what is His will, to carry out what is best for His universe.

I don’t know that I trust Him to give me my grandchildren back and restore my family.  As I recently, read, in a study by Philip Yancey on prayer, maybe God’s plan is for someone else is supposed to raise these children.  I pray not but I don’t know.

I do know how much I hurt and this is where I cry out to a loving Father . . . please DO NOT take away my grandchildren.  Please restore our family and bring home our blessings.

The other thing I trust Him with is my life.  I know that whatever happens He is God.  He loves me. He will give me strength to endure.  I will be with Him when I leave the incredible pain of this world.

In the end . . . I actually do trust Him “for the rent.”