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I have seen God . . . in

The love of my husband 
The gift of our daughters 
The birth of our grandson
The life giving rain falling to quench the thirst of the earth 
The beauty of the sunrise 
The bloom of the red dogwood tree
The wind in the pines
The call of the Eagle 
The colors of autumn
Songs of praise
Prayers of children
Reading "One Thousand Gifts"

Paul says he has learned to be content with whatever he has -- this seems to me to be linked to freedom to praise.  Certainly if I am content with whatever I have then I am free from the desire to have more . . . This freedom from desiring means I will be content with what I have . . . being content with what I have means thanking God for what I have . . . which means praising God for what I have . . .  Okay, now does that mean whatever . . . 

Sitting here thinking on this . . . 

When one is in pain, physical pain or mental, one focuses inward.  At the same time, the physical body tenses up when it is in pain . . . both of these, physical and mental, will lead one to focus inward, to tense up.  When you are tensed up you are not experiencing freedom.  You can't move about freely -- physically or mentally.   That means when I am in pain -- whether physical or mental -- I am not experiencing "freedom to praise."  

So this is a conundrum -- to be pain free in order to praise yet focusing on praise in order to eliminate pain . . . 

This then actually reinforces the fact that I need strength from my Lord, from my God. . . without His strength, without His Spirit in me, I do not have the "whatever it takes" to be pain free in order to have freedom to praise. . .