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In Psalm 8, it says that God has ordained praise from the lips of children and infants because of His enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.


We talk of thanks giving, at least many of us have looked closely at thanks giving lately. 


Have we (that would be me) ever thought about how when we are praising God it silences those voices in our hearts and our heads that Satan brings about.  I know this to be true but, as in so many truths that I know, today in reading Psalm 8, it truly came to me. 


Yes, thanksgiving reminds me how much God has blessed me and I long to be thankful always.


However, praise . . . now praise is a different matter.  Praise reminds me – God is God, the almighty, all powerful, awesome, God of All creation.  Praise is to an incredible God.


Let me always remember thankfully, yes.


Let me always give praise, YES!



Freedom to Praise means that I also have freedom to not praise.  Such has been the last couple of days.  I have missed by usual Bible study and prayer time.  Well, or have I skipped my usual Bible Study and prayer time. 


I have been busy – but more like I have been busy at the usual time that I like to spend in study and prayer.  I had to make a couple of trips to town and they were for important stuff and it takes several hours to accomplish such.  So these trips were interrupting the time I like to take for study and prayer. 


However, I could have done prayer and study at a later time, at a different time.  Isn’t that one of the things about “freedom” – not being locked in to a time and place. 


I didn’t though.  Since I missed it on my schedule, well, I just “didn’t feel like it”, “it didn’t feel right” at another time.  Now, here it is with a few days missed and I feel lost.  I told my husband earlier that I feel like I am in a “dark” place.  Well, I am in a dark place . . . I have moved away from my Lord. 


I read this morning about considering that Jesus is waiting on us . . . waiting for His time with us.  Well, I let Him down this week.  I didn’t show up, not only at the “usual” time but at a later time either. 


I have “freedom to praise”.  I also have “freedom to not praise”.  I want to praise.  Right now, sit down, thank Him for showing up even when I don’t.   Thanking Him for taking care of my family even when I don’t.  Thanking Him for loving me even when I don’t.  Yes, I am going to exercise my “freedom to praise” right now.



Just finished reading From Worthless to Worthy by Julie Morris. 


I am learning to accept Jesus’ living water, His giver of life.   Mrs. Morris said that someone told her “don’t push the river.”  I can see how I push the river – try to decide where Jesus’ living water is going to take me.  If it isn’t taking me where I want to go then I try to realign it. 


In the “old days”, ranchers would build dams, dynamiting or cutting trees, to realign the streams and small creeks to make the water go where they wanted it to.  I can see how I do the same, putting up road blocks where Christ is sending me when I don’t want to go where He sends me.  He wants me to go speak in “wherever”.  I say I can’t – no money for gas, can’t trust the truck to get me to there.   He wants me to teach Sunday School .  I am not learned enough.  I don’t have time enough. 


Comes to my mind that I am also afraid to get “on the river”, get in the boat and see where it takes me. 


Can I just trust that Jesus’ living water is the water that will give me life – drink, drink freely, go, go freely, He is enough and His plan is for my best. 


Don’t just sit by the river – get in, let it take me where He would have me go. 

I have seen God . . . in

The love of my husband 
The gift of our daughters 
The birth of our grandson
The life giving rain falling to quench the thirst of the earth 
The beauty of the sunrise 
The bloom of the red dogwood tree
The wind in the pines
The call of the Eagle 
The colors of autumn
Songs of praise
Prayers of children

Today the pain came again – as it has for the last week.  Why??? The only day it did not come was Sunday – I did not go to church because the pain has been coming every day about the same time.  I knew if I was in church and it came I would have to leave but was not certain I could get home.   Then today it came back.  The only thing we can track down is that when I go out it comes – later but still it comes.  Is it allergy?  I don’t know.


Pain – lying on the bed, trying to praise God . . . my whole being focused on a black hole where there is red pulsing beating fire . . . pain.  Freedom to praise – nno – my whole body and mind is not free – they are captured by this pulsing beating red fire.  I am not free I am cornered and fighting like a wounded animal – such is the pain.


Focus . . . the 23rd Psalm . . . I shall not want (I do want freedom from the pain) He restores my soul (please, please, please, God restore my sanity) He makes me lay down in green pastures (God in heaven please) He leads me beside still waters (no, there is a raging storm in my head) Though I walk through the valley of death – yes, welcome, freedom from pain (I fear no evil my Lord) a table is prepared before my enemies (Father God please put that healing oil over my head and the warmth soothe this pain) my cup runneth over (Lord, the pain dries out my soul) –


Freedom to praise – Father God, please help me to praise you even in the midst of this pain.


Finally, the pain lessens – thank you, God . . . for less pain, for being there in the midst of the pain . . . for Your Holy Presence in the midst of unholy pain . . .